The IRS has become much more aggressive in their audit of tax returns in these times of increased budget deficits. They have added a compliance research examination which includes every line on the tax return, all source documents and any and all related records. If, by chance, your return is selected for one or both of these examinations, we recommend that you be represented by an Enrolled Agent to assist you with the production and organization of your tax return. However, the cost to prepare for the audit and all attendant procedures can become quite expensive, sometimes exceeding several thousands of dollars.”

For an advance payment of 25% of your tax preparation fee, to be paid with your fee and prior to audit notification, we will represent you at your audit at no additional cost to you.


Services under this arrangement include:

  • All correspondence with the IRS
  • Assistance and guidance with organization of your records
  • Meetings with your prior to the audit
  • Meetings with IRS agent and with agent’s supervisor, if necessary
  • Research and review


Most audit issues are resolved at the agent level. An audit that must be carried to the appeals level or to tax court is not covered under this plan. Any additional taxes, penalties or interest you may owe after the audit are your responsibility.