How our fees work:

We charge on a per-form basis’ which  means that the fee for tax preparation is based on your forms, and not the time it takes to complete your tax return.

We provided upfront pricing which means you will know and agree to our fee prior to us beginning any work or you making any commitment. Once we have all or at least all material information required to prepare the return or project we determine our fee based on your unique tax and accounting needs.

Personal Tax Prep
Our fees for straightforward individual tax returns run from $350 to $650. Our minimum fee for a 1040 is $350. If you have a sole proprietorship or rental properties, have significant investment activity, or need out-of-state returns, tax preparation fees typically run from $500 to $700.
Personal Federal AMENDED Income Tax Preparation
$300 – $550 Amended 1040 return and related statements.
Personal State Income Tax Preparation
$50 – $150 Return and all related forms, including cost of e-filing 

We offer a typical fee range of $700 to $950 for your partnership tax returns (Form 1065) and corporate tax returns (Form 1120 and 1120S). The range might seem broad, but it depends largely on the quality of your accounting records, how organized you are, the past accuracy of your balance sheet and how much clean up is required. 

Our fee is $150 for 40 minutes. If we decide to press forward with an engagement, we will credit the $150 towards future services.(free for our clients)

Free for IC Tax Plus Clients:
  • Tax Planning
  • Consultation
  • IRS e-file

***It is important to understand that every tax return is different. The forms necessary to complete your tax return may vary from year to year as your situation changes. For that reason, final pricing is always subject to a client’s individual situation and the complexity of their return.

 Audit Services

For an advance payment of 25% of your tax preparation fee, to be paid with your fee and prior to audit notification, we will represent you at your audit at no additional cost to you. Services under this arrangement include:

  • All correspondence with the IRS
  • Assistance and guidance with organization of your records
  • Meetings with you prior to the audit
  • Meetings with IRS agent and with agent’s supervisor, if necessary
  • Research and review



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